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  Iridology Equipment Images shown are only  representative of the actual equipment supplied as models are updated from time to time.Iris images have not been re-touched or photo-shoped.


Introducing the NEW 5MP Pebble Pro

With Lifetime Warranty and EyeRis Iridology Report Software

$795 + Postage     

Why EyeRonec?

We are UP FRONT and show you the FULL price for the easy to use, truly light weight, 5Mp portable iridology camera,

  • NO need to peek into a tiny view finder, 
  • NO flash needed,
  • NO chinrest,
  • NO card swapping,
  • Can be used on a PC or Mac 

Our iridology equipment is plugs straight into the USB port of your computer! No we will not try to sell you any extra battery chargers, carry cases, camera upgrades etc. The EyeRonec camera does not require batteries nor upgrades to operate satisfactory. It includes EyeRis Iridology Report writing software(digital download - win only) RRP $99, there is nothing more to buy!

You may have seen 'chinese camera' offers for this price. But all over the world the EyeRonec iridology camera is regarded as the best value for money Iriscope with a lifetime guarantee that puts us above the rest...

EyeRonec changed the face of iridology cameras (competitors dropped their prices drastically when we came on the market at around 1/2 the price of their overpriced security type cctv cameras).

Even now our ideas are taken by other iridology equipment and camera makers. We have been in innovative electronic design since 1961, THAT'S over 50 years and have a number of patents.

Our customer service is second to none.

Our lighting system is unique, fully electronic with 8 lights for Blue lights or 2 side lights for brown eyes and a CLOSED system so NO false light will spoil the pictures. Our system does NOT use the dreaded flash and has TRUE DAYLIGHT lights that never need replacing. The LEDs ensure the correct colour each time.

There is NO software to learn, NO exposure and speed and ISO setting to worry about our 6 year old grand daughter can take pictures with OUR camera so YOU can too,...         

                                                                       Camera is CE and FCC certified


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Pebble 8+2 iridology camera - EyeRonec Iridology Camera


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